Your Co-Pilot for
Startups Investment

Superpowered vertical CRM designed for early-stage startup investment.

Used by big-players, appreciated by everybody.

A Crystal Ball for
Startups Analysis


Unleash the power of vertical CRM with BI superpowers, customized to support early-stage startup investments


Harness advanced data analytics to pinpoint opportunities and make informed decisions

Collaborative Synergy

Connect and engage with a community of like-minded investors, accelerators, and VCs


Manage your entire investment portfolio from one intuitive dashboard.

Taking full advantage of Scientific Knowledge has never been that easy.

We integrate publicly available information with data provided by the entrepreneurs to extract actionable in-depth insights for entrepreneurs and investors identifying, measuring and analysing key variables.

Empower your investment strategy

Kiota understands that every investor is unique. Whether you're, we've crafted specialized tools that cater to your specific needs.

Discover Untapped Potential

Kiota’s vertical CRM system offers comprehensive insights and analytics, allowing VCs to discover untapped potential and make data-driven decisions. Navigate your investment journey with unmatched precision.

Connect, Analyze, Invest

Kiota empowers Business Angels with tailored insights and robust collaboration tools. Connect with startups, analyze opportunities, and manage your investments – all from one integrated platform.

Foster Startup Growth

Track progress, assess value, and support startups in reaching their full potential. Collaborate and innovate with ease.

Collaborate and Conquer

A connected ecosystem to explore shared investment opportunities, assess risks and rewards collaboratively, and engage in seamless communication.

We assist funds in guiding companies throughout the complete investment journey.

Dealflow  reception, Dealflow Management, Portfolio Management, Data Collection & LP Reporting in a single platform.

What is Kiota?

An Investor toolkit powered by Scientific Knowledge

Discover what others do not. Before it is too late

Discover the best deals, but faster

Say goodbye to unconscious bias.

Make better decisions, only fairer

Efficient new tool to improve due diligence experience.

Analyze more deals, but cheaper

Champion a data-driven analysis culture

Deep dive into untapped variables, and rigorously

Top talent is priceless.We make finding it affordable.

Find the most outstanding entrepreneurs, but cheaper

Discover our growing ecosystem

Our amazing sales team will help you to choose the right solution for you.

At Kiota we are changing the way we manage your investments. We really think differently.