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Register, organize and track your investments with our specific CRM. Receive new dealflow.

Invest with clarity, agility and assurance.

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Receive dealflow matching your investment criteria.


Easily share startup profiles and insights with peers.


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Store potential opportunities in a personalized repository.

Tailored tools for venture success

Receive Dealflow

Never miss an opportunity. Receive curated dealflow directly aligned with your investment focus

Evaluate Startups

Access comprehensive startup evaluations. Make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Personalized Repository

Save and organize pitches from startups you've yet to invest in. Easily revisit them, ensuring you have all the information you need for future investment decisions.

Generate Reports

Create insightful reports effortlessly. Understand trends, performance, and opportunities at a glance

Share Dealflow

Seamlessly share promising startup profiles, analytics, and insights with fellow investors. Whether you're co-investing, seeking second opinions, or simply spreading the word about a potential gem, Kiota ensures your dealflow sharing is efficient, secure, and impactful.

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