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Streamline operations, foster innovation, and connect with ease. Kiota's here to revolutionize your accelerator's impact.

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Invest with clarity, agility and assurance.

Kiota powers accelerators with tools that streamline startup management, fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration. Embrace the full potential of every startup in your cohort.


Effortlessly manage multiple startups with one platform.


Track progress and milestones for each startup journey.


Connect startups with mentors and investors seamlessly.


Stay ahead with predictive analytics and industry insights.

Tailored Solutions for Accelerators

Receive Dealflow

Capture promising startups effortlessly. Kiota ensures a steady flow of opportunities tailored to your accelerator's thematic focus, enhancing selection precision.

Evaluate startups

Evaluate with precision. Kiota's robust tools help you gauge startup potential, assessing fit and scalability, ensuring the most aligned innovations.

Startup tracking

Monitor every step of the startup journey. Track milestones, adherence to program protocols, and achievements, ensuring alignment and proactive intervention when needed.


Stay aligned with each startup's journey. Kiota's Milestones feature lets you monitor critical progress markers, ensuring timely interventions and celebrating every achievement.

Connection with mentors

Facilitate meaningful mentor interactions. Kiota's platform allows startups to easily schedule sessions, share vital documents, and jot down collaborative insights, ensuring consistent guidance and feedback at every stage.

Generate reports

Transform data into decisions. With Kiota, generate in-depth reports in a snap, highlighting startup progress, potential areas of concern, and actionable insights.

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