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Vertical CRM designed for startup investment for VCs, BAs,  accelerators and incubators, tailored to your unique strategy.


Define common criteria with which to carry out the evaluation. Graphically display the best valued.

Custom Criteria Builder

Tailor evaluation criteria to align with your unique investment strategy.

Weighted Scoring

Assign weightages to different criteria for a balanced evaluation.

Collaborative Scoring

Invite team members or external analysts to contribute to the evaluation.


Assign startups to an evaluation process and evaluate them with internal members or external judges.

Assigning System

Easily assign startups to specific evaluation processes and teams.

Role-Based Access

Define roles for internal and external evaluators to control access to sensitive information.

External Invites

Invite external judges or analysts via email to participate in the evaluation.


Auto-fill startup profile, form submission, evaluations, emails, LP reports, startup reports and KPIs...

Profile Auto-Fill

Auto-populate startup profiles with relevant data from various sources, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Email Workflows

Automate email sending based on triggers like stage movement or evaluation completion.

Event Triggers

Initiate actions or notifications based on specific events or milestones reached by the startup.

Goal management

Set targets for the startups and keep tabs on their progress periodically.

Milestone Markers

Insert key milestones into a startup's timeline and receive notifications when they are reached or missed.

Progress Reports

Automatically generate periodic progress reports that can be shared internally or with the startup.

Goal Templates

Provide templates for common startup goals, such as 'Reach 1000 Users' or 'Secure Series A Funding'.

Reminder management

Toss in some reminders for yourself or your startups: info requests, videocalls, emails, etc.

Task Integration

Sync reminders with individual tasks within the CRM for seamless workflow.

Automated Follow-Ups

Set auto-reminders for follow-up emails or calls based on the startup's last engagement.

Share dealflow

Add your contacts and dish out dealflow with ease. Pick the startup, pick the info, and share away!

Investor Matching

Automatically match startups with investors in your network based on shared investment criteria.

Request Investment Thesis

Promptly solicit and compile investment theses from your network for collective insight.

Startup Selector

Use filters or search functionality to select the startups you want to share, streamlining the process.

Information Customization

Choose the type and amount of information you want to share about each startup, from basic details to in-depth analysis.

Form set up

Design custom forms to capture essential startup data, tailored to specific evaluation needs.

Question management

Create your own questions or access 200+ preset questions asked by top VCs, Accelerators and Incubators.

Key questions

Key questions enable automated startup profile creation for seameless dealflow integration.

Automated red flags

Automatically identify and flag startups that do not fit your investment thesis and and give your productivity a good boost!

LP Reporting

Consolidate key investment data and share performance metrics seamlessly.

Custom Templates

Choose from a variety of pre-made or custom templates for a professional presentation.

Real-time Data Integration

Automatically pull data from your portfolio, ensuring your LPs have the most current information.

Pipeline manager

Visualize every stage of your investment pipeline, from initial contact to deal closure, all in one intuitive dashboard.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

Easily move startups between stages with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Stage Customization

Define your own pipeline stages to match your investment process.


Get a quick snapshot of your investment portfolio, key performance indicators, and the startups in your pipeline, all in one centralized view.

Portfolio Overview:

See a high-level view of your investments, including valuation, growth, and ROI.

KPI Tracking

Monitor crucial Key Performance Indicators to make data-driven decisions.

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