Kiota vs Affinity

Why Kiota is the Future of Investment CRM

Choosing the right CRM for your investment activities is a crucial decision. Here's why Kiota offers a more specialized, intuitive, and cost-effective solution than Affinity.

Choosing a CRM for startups investments

Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform optimized for venture capital firms, investment professionals, and sales teams. Built to manage intricate networks and workflows, Affinity automates manual data entry and administrative tasks to give you more time to focus on deal-making. Its machine learning algorithms analyze communication patterns to provide actionable insights, making it easier than ever to cultivate meaningful relationships and find your next investment opportunity.

Kiota vs. Affinity


29€/month/3 seats


Single source of truth for your data
Relationship intelligence
Automate data capture and enrichment
Manage deals and relationships in one place
Dealmaking with richer insights
Automate contact and company creation
Gain new insights into your network with relationship intelligence
Depend on consistent customer support
Decrease time to value

Reach the international entrepreneurial ecosystem: Startups, Venture Capital, Business Angels, incubators and accelerators from around the world 🌎

Our amazing sales team will help you to choose the right solution for you.

At Kiota we are changing the way we manage your investments. We really think differently.